When the Shoot that was Planned makes a total 180 turn.

November 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A couple days ago, Elisabeth Donaldson, founder and designer of Monarch Clothing and I had planned to shoot in the middle of the storm. We both watched the weather forecast and had totally expected to be soaked in the rain. When we started to shoot the rain had stopped and we continued to still come up at least tried to pull off a gloomy look with the dress she made for the shoot. It was a love look and we pulled of a few from the original plan even though the rain had already stopped and way gone. Here is one I want to show. 

(Nikon d600 - Nikkor 24-70mm F/2.8 - shot @ ISO200 1/60secs  f/5.6 - Single strobe fired.)

As we were moving on with our shoot, the sun started to peek through the storm clouds and we both started hoping and wishing we get lucky and get a bit more shooting time since the location we shot at closes at sundown. Yes the sun did gave us a bit more time but what happened next is something magical. 

I cannot make this up. This totally happened. I'm not a big fan of the golden tones but since this image is pretty much all organic except the fill light that was fired so I am able to underexpose the sun and still have her well exposed, I decided to keep it as is. This is breathtaking. I cannot even justify the beauty of this sunset with my camera. Yes, I do believe this photo is pretty amazing with the background, the dress she put on, the expression, the pose, even the tilt which I unintentionally did. Everything just pretty much flowed and worked. But what my naked eye saw out there was just simply magical. I just wanted to do a short show and tell the story behind this photo. 

(Nikon D600 - Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 - shot @ ISO200 1/100secs f/8 - Single Strobe fired.)

A few minutes later, as the sun continued to set, we headed back to our cars and we were both in total awe of the half a mile walk to the parking lot. It was like the contrast of the autumn leaves and the beauty of the fall colours were overly saturated and had an instant boost. Not even mentioning the smell of fresh rain on the crispy leaves on the ground, with matching the squeaking sounds of the squirrels climbing from one tree to another and oh, yes. There were also deers running by. It was just the perfect walk back. I'm not quite sure I can fully describe our experience at that very moment.

When we finally got to our vehicles, we slowly drove our way out of the parking lot and continued to stare at the cotton candy-like sky. With no coordination or whatsoever I decided to pull over and just take a moment to take a few more snapshot of the sunset and so did Elisabeth. We both pulled over on the side of the road and we both started to take a few pictures. The sun was going down fast leaving this blood-red sky and I quickly grabbed a single light and put it at the back of my truck to elevate it and asked Elisabeth to strike a pose one last time as we pretty much had very very limited time with that sky. I literally took 2 shots and this was one that I chose that turned out the best. - 

(Nikon D600 - Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 - Shot at ISO200 1/60sec f/2.8 - Single strobe fired.)

I don't know what it was that day but we sure did get lucky to have a shoot and was surprised with a sky like that! Just amazing. Turned our shoot from good to great in less than an hour. Our spirits were totally lifted just in awe with how beautiful the sky turned that afternoon. We both are suckers for sunsets and with that cotton candy sky, just totally made our day! 

Till next time folks! 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and I want to keep posting to keep everyone up to date with my adventures with my camera :) 

- Antonio F 


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