A Casual Photo Day with David Parker

March 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A few months back I had seen a photograph online with a dude with a pretty nice sleeve and that certain photo got stuck in my head for some reason. The colors just seem to work pretty well and the artwork was great. Sleeve tattoos are always neat to look at at least in my opinion if you ask me. 

I work with David and my first day there his sleeve always stands out and its pretty colorful and nicely done. Sleeves are just great to look at. It's nothing like those small individual body art. Takes a lot of courage to have one I should say. You must really love the art to have a full sleeve like these. 

I asked him one time at work if he'd let me photograph him with his sleeve tattoo showing and he's pretty cool enough to let me. It took several weeks till we actually had found a day to shoot for a few reasons like for a couple consecutive weekends Nashville's been hit with bad weather (snow, ice, rain, or its just way too cold). Finally here it is. David Parker and his awesome ink. 

The weather of the day didn't turn out to be as forecasted. But I always have my speedlights with me to save my life. I made the most out of it. not too much clouds but with the right f stop I managed to squeeze out a few that helped gave my image a few dramatic look to it. One light did the job today. 

We started shooting by the lake to warm up to the shoot. Had him skip rocks and stuff just hanging out at the same time catching up talking about random stuff. Talked about the weekend shenanigans and that broke the ice.

On the image above. It's quite heavily post processed. I just wanted to set the mood to it. clouds. back lit. and caught the water splash as he did a few throw skipping rocks on the water.  The tones were obviously altered in post processing too. :) but i like the total outcome of it. his sleeve wasn't really in the picture here but those clouds tho... 

I did a variety of images. I also did a couple black and whites to throw in the set. I would've shown the bright colors of his sleeve here but I think the black and white image showed more character to the over all shot so I decided to leave it black and white. I think in my own opinion that this works a lot better for this image. 

Also added in a classic cinematic effect kind of thing. with the crop and the top and bottom borders. 

Overall, the day spent taking portraits turned out great. We had fun listening to some 90's music and chit chatted talked about random stuff, fun stuff to do this coming summer, and a whole lot of other topics. To wrap this blog, I'll leave you with one more portrait. I changed the tones as well to set the mood. 1 light source. 

Till next time folks. Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Thank you!

-Antonio Fajardo


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