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After months and months of anticipating Shawn and Ulyca's big day, The DAY finally came! The crew and I have been so anxious to get on the road and head to Florida for this. This post will be all about the experience of the trip. I will make another post with a whole different story about the bride and groom when the official photos are delivered and approved to blog. --- so moving on! 

There were a lot of roadblocks during the trip but we solemnly swore that even if Godzilla showed up we would still push through. A pretty bad snow storm hit the greater Nashville area on our day of departure. We had to switch to a 4WD vehicle just to make it past the Tennessee line. Ha- What a fun road trip that was! but we MADE IT! after a pretty long 11 hour drive we made it safe and sound! 

We left Thursday night and arrived Friday morning and checked in at our condo at around 8:30 am and I, the driver, the caffeine addict, was still pretty wired and could not catch some sleep. I was starting to get worried because the rehearsal starts at 3:00 pm. We got situated in our condo and we relaxed for a little and I was really hoping I could catch some sleep but I ended up taking a 2 hour nap. I even brought my buddy Kiko the panda with me so I have a cuddle buddy. haha! The view from our 8th floor condo unit was pretty amazing by the way. I spent quite a bit of time just chilling in the balcony with Kiko. 

I guess Kiko appreciated that after being shoved in the back seat with our camera gear for 11 hours. 

After awhile, I let everyone relax and just do whatever they had to do to get situated as I go attend the rehearsal and also scout our playground for the big shooting day. 

The rehearsal went smooth and everyone was pumped up and super excited. The venue was gorgeous! We were at Destin Bay House. It's a locally owned very beautiful resort for wedding events! I have never been to Destin before and I never heard of the place as well. I've googled it a few times to plan ahead but the pictures I've seen online did not do that place any justice at all. You will have to see it to really really really really appreciate it! 

After the rehearsal, I went back to pick up Erik and Coty back at our condo so we can head to the rehearsal dinner! mmmm yumm. Food. The entire time we were there, we ate... and ate... and ate... Oh my goodness I think the amount of food I ate this weekend is about the same amount of food I've had all week! I introduced the rest of the crew to Shawn and Ulyca and we chilled and partied with the entire group for the night as we celebrate the last night before the big day! 
we took a lot of selfies.  lol justtttt saying... I mean c'mon... we're photographers. who else would take our pictures but ourselves? God bless cellphone cameras! After the night its last prep time!!! last minute tweaking of our gameplan went back to our HQ and got our shot list ironed out!
Turned the kitchen to our charging station and packing up and getting ready station! 
Wedding day time! As planned, meeting the bridal party at 9am. We started shooting at around 11am and whew who knows till when we stopped shooting. We overshot the event! We were so excited our cameras were set to high continuos mode. Oh and here's some fun stuff to share - The water was still freezing but I was desperate to take a shot that I've imagined in my head from earlier that day... after the ceremony I've decided to take my shoes off and got in the water to take this one shot and my awesome second shooter took some behind the scene photos of me doing what i do best - being silly. 
Yes! that happened. haha! It was cold. no, let me rephrase that. It was freezing. My toes lost its feeling after being in the water for like 4 mins. Haha! It was totally worth it though. They were all kind of surprised I did that. The wedding planner/coordinator looked at me and was like... uhmmm dont get sick and left a towel for me. haha! Let's just say that I do get my moments and I've been known to do crazy stunts just to get that shot. Once it starts lingering in my head, Its like I JUST HAVE TO DO IT. 
When it was time to put the camera down and when it was time to just enjoy the rest of the night, we partied with the entire family and whew that was fun! super friendly family! tons of selfies happened.
caught up with some long lost haven't seen in 10 years friends! just seeing them was already exciting as it is and hearing stories and getting all updates from everyone was even better! 
The next day we spent the day relaxing after a long day of shooting. We played in the sugar white sand and ahhhh yes under the sun! I have to say I got burnt. lol Spent some time with the bridal party in the beach and just really having fun under the sun and spending the entire day at the beach! 
OHH!!! And buried Erik! haha
To wrap this post, All I can say is that we totally had a greaaaat time! What better way to go out of town to do a job that I absolutely love with friends that are like my brothers! Meeting new people, making friends, reconnecting with friends I haven't seen in awhile and exploring new places. I love shooting events! Weddings especially! It's an honor to be a part of these love birds very special day! Just watching and capturing love do its thing is amazing. And yes it is a great responsibility to have to capture the moment but thats what we do! we live for it! we are professional photographers and we studied and sharpened our skills to deliver timeless images! 
We would like to thank you to everyone that supports our passion, our craft, and our work! in behalf of the team. THANK YOU! 
Antonio Fajardo Photography
 Antonio, Erik, & Coty


1.Ulyca Donna Ubaub- Mabry(non-registered)

We are truly grateful for everything that you all did for our wedding! I am glad y'all had a blast! It was an amazing feeling to see good 'ol friends from back in the days getting together and celebrating the most special day of our lives... We couldn't ask for more! Hope to see you soon again Paeng and crew! love you guys!
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