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During winter, I have made quite a few plans to explore the great outdoors. I have been waiting for the weather to warm up so I can start my adventures. I wasn't prepared to explore for the winter last year so I am hoping that this coming winter I will continue to be out in the wild to see more of nature all year round. 

Few weekends back I went to go visit Fall Creek Falls. I've heard so many great things about it for quite awhile now and this time I've decided to go. I asked my best friends to come share the experience with me. It worked out well since they've never been to Fall Creek Falls as well! 

It is about 2 hours East of Nashville. We left around 9:30am and got there around 11:00 am and it took us quite a bit to figure out the map. The park is huge and as first timers didn't make things easier for us. haha! So we got information from the main office and finally found the spot where we can park and start the trail. 

Our first stop was at the overlook area I think is what its called. 

We then started to wander around the trails. I remember carrying way too many stuff than I should have. haha! I'm so used to carrying at least one speed light, a monopod, extra batteries, a long lens, and of course my favourite ultra wide lens. Lugging around a camera bag wasn't the smartest move but even though my shoulders hurt after the trip, I still think it was worth it.

The entire trip was more than just sight seeing and taking nature photographs. It was also about getting in touch with nature, relaxing, and generally to unwind from a busy work week. I take photographs for a living. I shoot thousands of shoes a week. By the end of the week I don't even feel like laying my hands on another pair of shoes even if they're my own. This trip was definitely much needed. It's also safe to say that my friends that came with pretty much needed this getaway even for just the day.

We went on wandering in the jungle. Occasionally, we get side tracked and a few times we end up hiking off the trail and just explore something different than what the rest sees as they follow the trail. We ended up bouldering a few times and climbed steep rocks. and again lugging around camera gear made it a little challenging. I could've seriously injured myself out there or worse probably get off balanced and fell of the cliff haha! It's not funny to think about but c'mon, its kinda funny. 

Walking the trail surrounded by budding trees was relaxing. I couldn't stop looking up for some reason I'm really drawn to that kind of point of view. the trees just kind of surround the view and the great blue sky in the background. 

We eventually ran out of time to explore the entire park. I mean its kind of a huge park to cover in one day. So I went back with a friend the following week to explore the foot of the waterfalls. Having some weather proof gear really comes handy sometimes. Being down there for over 5 mins is a guarantee that you'd get wet eventually. 

This time I came a bit prepared. though I did carry a C-stand with me and a rod and knuckle. yup. not letting the 30min walk downhill get in the way in getting awesome photos! 

We got there pretty early so that was a big plus. Theres not very many people yet so it was the perfect time to setup lights and started shooting as fast as i could. here are a couple shots taken at the foot of the waterfall.

It didn't take very long till tourists started to show up and I had to start putting stuff away. A C-stand isn't exactly the most subtle thing to have in a setting like this but I did make it work even for just a little bit. 

We started to work our way up and made a few stops on the way to take more photos and here are a few more photographs as we hiked our way back up. 


We originally planned to shoot 2 polar opposite looks for this photo-trip. One was a bit more on the feminine side and the other would be towards the more athletic vibe. 

Now for the second part of the shoot, my friend Jessica changed into her workout outfit and we headed towards the rocky side of the park and we ended up doing one of the most challenging shoot I have ever done in my entire photography career. She literally did some rock climbing and I had to hang on to a tree to take the shot. It was incredibly fun tho but at the same time really really risky for both my life and my gear. I had to zip tie speedlights to tree branches and had clip speedlights in between giant rocks to put the lights in place for the shots. haha I really wish someone had taken behind the scene pictures cause that was really one super cool setup! in this next picture im showing she's hanging on to dear life as I did the same as I take the shot. 

Yep! talk about doing whatever it takes to get that shot! It was fun though. adrenaline rushing and just the thrill of it made it all worth it. here are a few more photos from that trip.

This post is pretty lengthy I know if you've made it this far, I thank you. lol this is pretty much a two part blog made into one post. wrapping this up now! alrighty! peace out till next time! 


- Antonio


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