Destination: Charleston, Sc

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A few weekends ago I went on a trip for my cousin Mark's big day- His wedding! WOOOOOOOO!
It's always a blast when the entire Fajardo family are meeting up for special occasions such as weddings!

For the most part, I spent most of the time by the beach. I love the ocean, the waves, the beach vibe, the salt life, its just amazing I love it. Met up with my cousin Anthony and we were hoping to ride some waves. We got the board and all that ready but unfortunately there weren't any ridable waves that time. I ended up wandering around with my camera - Still a pretty amazing thing to do. nothing like walking around playing tourist. :D :D 

First morning shots after giving up on trying to find waves to ride. 

Throughout my stay there I've done some street photography as well. Which I really miss doing. A lot of people think that street photographs are just a bunch of snapshots taken on the streets. I mean technically I guess thats its literal meaning right? I guess to me its a bit different. I tend to look for things that are mostly taken for granted by many. the little things. the very simple things you may not even recognize as you walk down an alley or a busy street. I like to capture colors and turn them into black and white images. I like to capture facial expressions, etc 

In street photography, everything is changing and most of the things you see will never be done ever again. constant change of people, the vibe, the timing of everything. every passing second that happens out there will never get repeated. thats the fun of it for me. and just taking pictures of things I find interesting in the streets is pretty awesome! atleast for me :-) I mean I can really only speak for myself! :) and these are my shots. :) 

Ohhhhh I forgot to mention. I went to this walk around the street market with my best budd marky! and we explored downtown Charleston together taking pictures and checking out the local arts and crafts! It was a great time just exploring and learning about the city's history. I Enjoyed it, and Marky loved the arts! he's such a little artist! I love it! 

Also explored the city during nighttime! Coming from Nashville I guess I could say that Charleston's night life isn't as crazy as what Nashville has to offer. They Have their own thing going. As to what I've seen that weekend, It's a bit more calm and chill. Not very many crazy drunks wandering around downtown past 10pm! 

There was one dude playing music on the streets of downtown Charleston. ONE. Compared to what I'm used to in Nashville, I thought that was interesting. Theres literally at the very least one person in every corner in Broadway playing music. :) Just had to put that out there! :) 

As the night went on, I continued to do some more exploring. I went to what they call a "Ghost Tour" with my cousins and my brother. We were pretty excited about it. I guess you could say that being a thrill seeker runs in the family!

The tour was about 90 mins of walking around the city. We walked all over the place. The tour started at 10:30pm and the tour guide wasn't very scary at all. He's more of the funny type of guy in my opinion. Im also really not the type of person that gets scared in ghosts stories. I just find ghost stories entertaining and funny. Being a photographer didn't do his scare techniques any justice. He showed us pictures with orbs and "ghost-like" images. In my head im thinking yeppppp its a lens flare for orbs or diry sensors and yea blurry "ghost-like" forms ----- SLOW SHUTTER SPEED! haha!  

Our tour guide challenged us to a few dares to do on our own outside of the tour and one was to take a picture of this building on our own in the middle of the night and he said that on some nights theres suppose to be this one headless guy that shows up on the top floor window. guess what heres the picture i took of this "haunted" building. 

nope. no headless dude. :) 

I also took long exposure pics from one of the cemetery where we stopped as part of our tour.

Even though the "Ghost Tour" wasn't very scary at all, I have to say that in all honesty I still had a great time just walking around the city hearing about its haunted history, about the pirates back in the day, the voodoo stuff, and all that scary stories. It was fun just listening to the guy do his thing. haha! he really had poker face tho which gave the scary part away for me haha! 


Moving on... 

As the wedding day came which was Saturday, Me, my dad, my brother and his family went out for brunch. We went to this place called Fleet Landing Restaurant. Theyyyyyyy hadddd the best salmon I've ever had. mmmm just the thought of it now makes me crave it hardcore! It's located in the heart of Charleston, SC. Amazing view if you get a table outside.

this was the view and yes it was the perfect day to eat outside right by the docks! 

After eating, I insisted to take another walk around the city before we head back to the hotel to get ready for my cousins wedding and so we did. Did a bit more street shots! :) also stopped by the Street Market Sweets that sold the best Pralines I've had! whew those were awesome! makin me hungry again. this whole blog entry just reminds me of all the delicious food I get to eat out there! 

But anywayyy to wrap this post, I am going to leave you with my favorite photo from this trip! 

YEP! sure is! my favorite asian kid in the world! 

Till next time! PEACE! 


- Antonio


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