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June 24, 2015  •  1 Comment

Where do I even begin about these very very adorable couple...

I knew Jordan from art school. She's a fellow photographer and are great friends with a few of my best friends in the industry. I was honestly surprised when I received her email asking about my availability for her wedding. I was absolutely honored to be asked to cover her wedding day. I look up to her portrait work and she is pretty awesome with a camera herself! Check it out youself! 

But anyway, back on track. Jordan and Brent. I've never met Brent before. So the wedding day was actually the first time I get to meet him. He's super chill. Like really super chill. Most grooms get a bit nervous before the ceremony begins but this gentleman, I couldn't tell. He's really excited and just really really happy which is pretty pretty awesome to see! It's that part of my job that I really love. Just people watching at its finest. Witnessing a couple getting ready and just the excitement all the great happy vibes just overflowing all over the place.

I've also witnessed one of the cutest thing ever. I even had to say this to Jordan that they are literally up on the top 3 cutest couples I've ever seen during their wedding day. I have to include this on this blog because up until now whenever I this picture I still say the " Awwwwe how adorable" in the back of my head. 

What you see there in that photo is pure sweetness. Literally. The two rooms were separated by a wall divider. Jordan's entourage was in one and the grooms on the other side. As it got closer to the ceremony time, Brent called Jordan over her phone and asked her to get close to the wall and they had their hands right next to each other against the divider. I personally think that was so cute and honestly one of the greatest thing I've witnessed. It didn't end there, Brent figured out the wall had a small opening at the bottom so he stuck his hand down there so they can hold each others hands. and yeppp that was TOTES ADORABLE. Brent and Jordan, If you're reading this, I just have to share this moment. It's absolutely amazing. 

Brent & Jordan right before the ceremony started. ( Being adorable as always!!! ) Too much cuteness in one picture!

The gazebo where they got married. 

Brent & Jordan exchanging their vows to each other. 

The Bride as her father walked her down the isle.


Me and my partner Erik Lara as always, Had a great time capturing another momentous occasion. What an honor to be able to witness this union between two amazing love birds and even better, we captured the moments in photographs for the couple to keep forever. :) These photos are like diamonds. They are timeless. 

- Antonio Fajardo Photography. 


1.Sheryl Richardson(non-registered)
Wow, what an amazing job, so happy you could be her photographer--You do amazing work and these pictures will be cherished for many years --you did a beautiful job of capturing precious moments from a lovely wedding...Thank you
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