My Bestfriend's Wedding

September 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So I know that this is a way way way way way overdue post! I finally had the time to sit down and write something down. 

A couple months ago my best friend got married. ha- yes, I was thrilled when I heard about this. She's one of the pickiest person I have ever known and I have to admit that it was both a blessing and a curse to be chosen to be her photographer. She's the most brutal critic I have in my life. She will tear my art to pieces if I bring it up to her for critiques needless to say me covering her special day and the pressure was quite overwhelming. haha! Hi Masch! :) yes I have to write something about this beautiful moment!

Mascha and I knew each other in Photography school! Her weirdness clicks so well with my weirdness. we both are pretty weird and that is why we are best friends! Back in college we have a very small circle, we all stayed in touch and we all are still pretty solid! although sometimes being adults in society cuts into our hangout time, we all still keep up with each other every chance we get! 

I can clearly remember Mascha and Kenny met at the same time i met Kenny! My class was assigned to shoot something Sports Photography related and I knew a fellow photographer that owned a kick-boxing gym at that time and we went out there one afternoon to photograph a Muay-Thai class. Everything started there between these two! I could totally go on and on about how inspiring their story is but I'm going to move on to bragging their photos now! Here goes!

Back in the day, Mascha, Erik, Kenny, and I spent a day in the park to take photos of them and was intended for just a simple casual couple portraits. Turns out that also served as their engagement photos. Im posting some of those on here to show how precious these two are. These images did turn out very casual and yes the love vibe is just overflowing just by how the pictures turned out. Mascha is like a sister to me. She's seen both my darkest and brightest days. She knows me well. I'm extremely happy for her that she found someone that she can be with and share her adventurous lifestyle with!

- Also just a heads up! there will be more of black and whites that you will see on this blog post - She's just as obsessed with black and white photos as I am! 

These are one of my favorite e-sessions. It didn't take a lot posing with these two! Just like how my bestie likes majority of everything in her life - all natural.


I remember a few weeks before her big day, we somewhat crammed the plans, the shotlist, everything. literally everything. haha well that was fun! By far her big day was the most non-traditional kind of wedding! I have no words. super unique, one of a kind type of couple and wedding! it was very intimate and very romantic! the setting was great it was at a horse farm and the horses were around :) 

The ceremony didn't take long. Quick and painless! 


My partner and my best bud photographer Erik Lara, partnered up and teamed up in this special project. He's just as nervous as I was. I believe we pulled it off. so far from everything that she seen, she loves the images that we took! so yay! haha here are some of the most precious moments that we captured. 




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