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Here's a little something I brought back from my short trip / work to California.


First things first, I Shot a special birthday part. Emma's first birthday party! 
She's definitely one of the most adorable baby I've ever met. The moment I got there, She always smiled at me and got super friendly with me right off the bat! 
not only that, She's also very photogenic! what a baby right?! 

This is baby Emma! Isn't she just ADOOOOOOOOWABLLE?!?! 

This is Emma's Birthday Party Cake! AHH!!! So So So DELICIOUS! 
And OFCOURSE SHE HAS HER OWN CAKE! Haha Seriously so adorable! :) 



The weather was a bit wishywashy that weekend. I had planned to have other shoots the following day which unfortunately fell through due to some really weird reasons. For one, I totally got lost wandering around the Sta. Monica Mountains which took a huge chunk of my time just trying to find my way back. To make that long story shorter, I did however had a great time hiking, going off trails and just had a great time wandering around. It was definitely an adventure. 
It was foggy, misty, and the trails were a bit muddy as well. It was a challenge trying to hike that mountain. But I did it anyway. I was already there so why not just go for it. I got there before the park actually opened so I ended up parking the car on the side of the road and just walked along the side to start my hike. The hike going up the 1st mountain wasn't bad at all. It was a decent uphill walk. It was a bit snippy cold when I got on the first trail.

There was not much to photograph other than the wide landscapes. I did however really enjoyed spending some "Me time" out there. I got lost to be honest and it took my awhile to get back to where I left my car. It was a great time though. I didn't panic and I kept my cool. The view was amazing. these photos are not even close to how great what my eyes were seeing. The foggy mountains and the general misty environment. Unfortunately when I got on the narrower trails, I was not able to have my camera handy. The trails were a bit too mushy and muddy from the rain the night before. 
I did get a shot of this cool looking tree and a couple droplets of water hanging around the tree branches. 

It was quite gloomy the first time I went up there. One day someday when I go back, I will make sure to get back there and conquer the Sta. Monica Mountains like it should be. 



The following day, I still couldn't get enough of the mountains. I wanted to do some climbing but the ranger had told that I would need to get a permit to be able to do that and the very little time I had left of my stay, I didn't even bother asking how to get a permit. I got UBER to take me this time to the foot of the mountain. I also did go to a different mountain. I went to "Rocky Peak Mountain". When I looked it up on the internet it didn't look as hard as the Sta. Monica Mountains to go hiking in. So I requested a ride from UBER to take me to the foot of the mountain which I just got a random address from google. 

No surpise there, I sure did get to an address way far off the foot of the mountain. My ride dropped me off on a random side street in a residential neighborhood. welp. Apparently when I saw "Rocky Peak" online, It referred to the entire mountain / valley around the Simi Valley area.  I ended up walking a good 3miles just to get near the foot of the mountain. I was determined to go hiking that morning! Getting lost from the get go did not stop me. I saw the mountain right up ahead so I decided to just keep going even if I had to start from someones backyard! :) 

As soon as I saw this small local diner, Just by looking at this place, you can already tell this place must've been in business since the beginning of time out here so it would be the perfect place to ask some directions on how to get to these trails I've been seeing on the internet. 

The lady that was working the counter was super sweet and really really nice! She even told me a little history about these mountains like how John Wayne movies were shot around here and there so I thought that was pretty awesome! I'm pretty sure this park she's talking about is very known to locals. but I'm just a wanderer and she also thought it was cool that I decided to climb up the mountain and hike my way up by myself.

Moving on, I got my directions and I was all set to start my adventure. I had to walk another 2 miles to get to a proper trail where I can start to go deeper out there.  
This was where my starting point was. The foundations of the super old little town that used to be there are still there! its kind of cool. and then theres about 4 different trails you can go to from here with no marks or labels on where it leads. haha dummdummdumm... oh well. I just picked one and on my way I went!~ 

And then I got into some pretty steep uphill trails! ha- well that was fun! I was just really glad it didn't rain the night before or this would've been really really hard to get through. 
As I kept walking I noticed on my GPS and right up ahead of me is the freeway already. I was getting close to crossing to the other side of the freeway! woo yay I wasn't as lost as I thought. It was all fun and games up there until I found a sign that says " Home of the Mountain Lions. Save them by Saving yourself." Uhmmmm im sorry what now?! yeah. Mountain Lions. Well shit. I didn't even have a stick on me to have at the very least have the tiniest fighting chance of survival just incase I get attacked by one! haha so from there on out. I totally put my camera away and did some speed walking out of there! 
Call me a big baby about it but I did not plan to fight a big ass cat that day. 

I took a break and just hung out at the peak and just enjoyed the view. put my camera down and just absorbed this quick and not so painless escapade before heading to the somewhat congested city of LA. It was great and as much as I wanted to stay there longer and just hangout and listen to music and all, It was time to keep moving.

Day 3 / part 2

Hollywood! It was around the year 2009 since I was here. 
I don't really explore the city as much as I used to now. I enjoy the nature trips now more than anything. I must be getting old! Or maybe not but I really just enjoy the great outdoors now than this busy city streets! 

I played tourist! thought that would be fun to do. Stopped at shops and got cliche souvenirs and just flat out played tourist. Taking pictures of random things like statues and buildings with bright lights, looking around, looking up and taking pictures of famous landmarks like the Chinese Theater and the Dolby Theater now that used to be the KODAK Theater. 

All in all, The time spent there was a time well spent! I had a great time! Seeing and spending a brief time with family I haven't seen in forever! thats always fun. RIGHT?! 

haha well till next time. next stop - Colorado. 

Stay tuned! 

-Antonio F


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